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Pest Inspections

Property Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections

At beaches Pest Control we understand the importance and value of your property. When looking to purchase a new home you must do your due diligence and have good peace of mind by taking out a property pre-purchase pest inspection report. A full detailed and comprehensive report should be prepared and carried out by a fully licensed and qualified technician with full professional and public liability insurance.

Thankfully Beaches Pest control technicians are fully qualified, insured and can provide a full and comprehensive detailed property and pest inspection report that will more than outline all of the specific requirements and points that you need to cover off when looking to purchase a particular property

What type of Pest Inspection Reports at Beaches Pest Control

We cover a full range of building and pest reports. We Offer;

  • Building Pest Inspection Reports

  • Pest Inspection Reports

  • Strata Title Pest Inspection Reports

If you require a specific pest report that is not listed? Please contact a Beaches Pest tech and we will accommodate, or tailor-make a special report based off your specific needs.

Reporting that you Can trust

With over 30 plus years of combined experience, our pest reports are fast, thorough and detailed. Which will cover everything you need to know and more? Once you book in an inspection report, one of our dedicated technicians will be with you and on-site within 24 hours to carry out the report. Once the inspection has been done, the report will be finalised and finished within three business days and can be phoned in, emailed, faxed or mailed to your destination. Beaches Pest Control is a name that you can rely on and trust for all of your reporting needs.

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