In recent years, homeowners have become increasingly aware of the need for proper pest control, especially with the rise in the number of insects that are carrying various diseases or causing environmental damage. As a result, professional pest control is becoming more popular, not just for residential and commercial purposes, but also for residential and commercial buildings where pests might be difficult to eradicate.

Commercial pest control is more often than not performed by professional companies who provide services for both residential and commercial applications. In general, professional pest management will be the best form of treatment for property and business owners who are unable to eliminate the constant influx of small insect raiders.

Commercial pest management, however, also includes an important element that is rarely seen in residential pest management: biological insect repellents. This type of pest repellent, which is often sold under the name “bug spray” is also called the bug zapper. Its basic mechanism involves a chemical compound which is sprayed directly into the targeted insects, including ants, and serves to repel them.

Professional pest control companies have now come out with “bait” repellents, which can be easily purchased over the counter at any local retail store. These types of ant repellents, which are also sold under the name “bugspray”, are available in a wide range of concentrations to suit the needs of different property owners. The same principle of chemical repellent is utilized in these bait products; however, unlike bug spray, they are not used directly on the insects’ body. Instead, these products work by attracting ants to them and then releasing a chemical that repels them.

A professional pest management company will often employ a number of different types of insect repellents to control the growth of different types of ants, such as ground ants, carpenter ants, and red ants. By combining a wide range of chemical repellents, a professional pest management team will be able to successfully eliminate ants from one or several properties.

Homeowners can also reduce the effects of ants by cleaning their home periodically with detergents, including commercial products specifically designed to control ants. If you want to prevent ants from building up inside your home, a thorough cleaning of your home might be required, though, as it is possible for ants to remain undetected for long periods of time, even if you clean regularl