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    Child and Pest Friendly Pest Control

    Child and Pest Friendly Pest Control Sydney Northern Beaches

    If your family home is infested with common pests (Termites, fleas, ants etc) and you are concerned about the safety of your children and pets. Worry no more, At Beaches Pest Control, our on-site technicians understand the importance of keeping your loved ones, children and pets safe. That is why we always follow occupational health and safety best practise and offer pet and children friendly treatment solutions to ensure the safety of your cherished loved ones.

    Several Safe and Environmentally Friendly Treatments to Choose From.

    Before any of our technicians go ahead or apply any treatments, they will first run a full assessment of the home and then come up with a tailor-made solution based off in-home assessment and the customers’ requests. Our techs can provide several pet-friendly treatment solutions such as tamper-proof bait stations and Pyrethrum application which is odour free and free of any harmful or dangerous chemicals.

    Pet-Friendly Pyrethrum Treatment.

    Pyrethrum is a naturally occurring substance that has been found incredibly successful in recent years of eradicating unwanted pests in the home while keeping your children and pets safe. Even though it is a natural non-toxic substance, it is strongly advised that this is still applied by trained professionals as they understand the exact dosage required in specific areas to eliminate unwanted pests without harming your pets.

    Contact a Beaches Technician Today for a Pet-Friendly Solution

    Our Beaches Pest Control Technicians understand how much your children and pets mean to your family. If you think have unwanted pests in or around your family home and you have concerns about the safety of your pets and children? Then contact us today for some free general advice or a no-obligation quote. Anyone of our friendly mobile technicians would only be too happy to assist.