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    Residential Pest Control

    Residential Pest Control Services

    Beaches Pest Control has been servicing and looking after Northern Beaches residents for all of there pest control needs for over 20 years. Our trained on the road professionals are fully licensed and equipped to deal with, treat and eradicate any unwanted household pests, insects or vermin. Contact one of our friendly pest control representatives today for a no-obligation free quote or just some general advice. Anyone of our staff members would only be too happy to assist.

    General pest control Treatment Procedures

    Our Beaches on-site pest control team members can treat for any regular day to day pests found around the home including; Bee’s, wasps, cockroaches, ants, ticks, fleas, spiders, silverfish, rodents and even bed bug removal. General residential pest control treatments usually involve both an Internal pest treatment and an external pest control treatment. For the internal treatment, our specialist pest control reps usually treat with a special formula bait, gel or spray (depending on what pest we are targeting) overall carpet, skirting board and edges. Treat behind all fridges, ovens, cavities and all “hard to get to areas” around the home.For External Pest treatments we use a similar formula except for targeting areas such as Garden sheds, garages, pergolas, fence lines, verandas, patios, permitter walls or anywhere where your home may be at risk of infestation.

    Property Pest and Termite Inspections

    If you currently looking to purchase a new property, it is highly recommended that you do your due diligence and obtain a detailed termite and pest inspection report from a qualified and licensed provider. All of our comprehensive on property reports contain essential information on;
    Levels of termite infestation on the property
    Evidence of previous pest or termite activity.
    Conditions around the property that make a pest or termite activity likely.
    Advice on how to minimise the risk of pest or termite infestation.
    All of this incredible and helpful advice is obtained using state of the art equipment and technology such as;
    Sounding tool: To test the density and integrity of the timber.
    Specialised listening equipment: To gauge and listen for any termite activity.
    Moisture Metre Detector: A tool which indicates how much moisture is present, which is a key indicator of termite activity.
    Borescope: A specialist visual tool which can display active termites in timber.
    For peace of mind and general due diligence, it is highly recommended that you obtain an official pest and termite pest report before making an offer on a property. If you are a homeowner it is highly recommended that you obtain a pest or termite inspection once every twelve months, in particular, living on the Sydney Northern Beaches.

    Trusted and Reliable Professionals

    The team at Beaches are tried and tested reliable professionals who have a proven track record of looking after and servicing local residents of the Sydney Northern Beaches for over 20 years. Call one of our trusted and friendly on the road representatives today for some general advice or a no-obligation free quote for any of your home or business pest control needs.