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    Termite Pest Control and Inspection

    If you think your home has termites or you would like a routine inspection or general advice? Our specialist Beaches technicians are on hand to assist. Termites are probably one of the biggest threats to Sydney homeowners as they cause millions of dollar’s worth of damage to Sydney homes every year. Unfortunately, sometimes the damage that they cause can be a lot worse than from the initial inspection as these pesky menaces work tirelessly and silently, causing hundreds of thousands of dollar’s worth of damage from the inside out. Termites are a colony insect and they are capable of multiplying in their thousands and able to adapt and thrive in all weather conditions.

    What to do if you think your Home is at Risk?

    If you think your home is at risk of termites or you would like a general inspection for peace of mind. At Beaches Pest Control we have a systematic procedure which covers a fair bit of detail but when your home is at risk, we must leave nothing to chance. We leave no stone unturned and we guarantee all our work and ensure every measure to eliminate the problem and to deter any future attacks. What to do if you think your home is at risk;

    Call a Beaches Pest Control Technician

    Simply call the number displayed and a fully qualified and licensed technician will answer your call directly. By answering a few direct questions they can either give you direct advice over the phone or schedule an on-site appointment where they can carry out a full inspection once in your home.
    On-Site Primary Inspection
    Our technicians will arrive on-site and give your home an initial inspection. Don’t worry this initial inspection is totally free and is to asses what if any damage has been done and how big the infestation is. From this inspection, the technician will give you a detailed report outlining the vulnerability and give recommendations on any treatments and how to keep your home safe from any further attacks.

    Full and Comprehensive Termite Inspection

    After the Primary Inspection, it may be recommended that you have a full and comprehensive Termite Inspection carried out. Mainly to identify the cause as well as to identify (in detail) any other vulnerabilities to avoid any future attacks. This report is carried out throughout the whole home and surrounding areas using a full and comprehensive 200-point checklist as well as state of the art equipment and technology such as inferred cameras and moisture metres which can identify any species of termite in those hard to get to areas.

    Termite Extermination

    If any termites are discovered? Our specialised technicians can then devise a plan to eradicate the cockroaches depending on what type of species are involved, the volume of insects involved as well as their location. They do this by creating a specialised chemical cocktail which is deadly to the colony of termites but safe for your family, pets and plants. Another technique used is “Live Baiting” where a technician can install live baiting stations at various termite volume points in and around the home where the termites can consume the bait or deadly poison and basically pass it on to other members of the colony through natural feeding and grooming. This is often an approach that gets favourable and effective results.

    Back-Up Servicing and Monitoring

    Once the procedure is complete, A Beaches Technician will return to your home every 4 weeks to asses that the procedures and formulas are working effectively. As the formulas can often be slow-moving to take time to move through the whole colony, our back up visits are essential to ensure that the problem has been removed permanently.

    Ongoing Support and Protection

    Once the procedure is complete our Beaches Technicians will be offering ongoing support and service to ensure that the termite problem is well and truly taken care of. By offering regular routine checks and ongoing support.

    Termite Pest Inspection Before Purchasing a Home

    If your looking to purchase a home it is essential that you do your due diligence and have a full comprehensive pest inspection report carried out on the property before going ahead and making an offer on the home, to avoid any hidden or unwanted surprises. Thankfully a Beaches Pest Technician can carry out these detailed reports to give you peace of mind. Best of all these reports can be carried out in full and back to within 2-4 business days.

    Contact a Beaches Technician Today.

    If you think your home is at risk of termites? Or you want a detailed pest inspection report? Why wait any longer? Contact a Beaches termite specialist today and put your mind at ease to tackle any potential risk head-on. Our team has a combined experience of over 30 years and are on hand to deal with and assist with any of your termite or unwanted pest issues. Call one of our friendly and experienced techs today for some general advice or a no-obligation free primary inspection.