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    Tick and Flea Pest Control

    Beaches Tick and Flea Pest Control

    A case of tick or flea infestation is commonplace in Sydney Northern Beaches household, particularly homes that are in and around bushland areas. If you are a pet owner, this makes a situation like this even more critical for both you and your pet. Fleas and ticks can often bring an irritating itch and even worse paralysis or death if not treated early. Keep your home, pets and loved ones safe from these annoying bugs and get your home safe from flea and tick infestations with Beaches Pest Control.

    Why Use a Professional When I can Use a Do it Yourself Treatment?

    Ticks and fleas are considered to be enemy number one for pets and pet owners. Normally allot of doing it yourself tick and flea treatments are used as a preventative measure before an actual infestation occurs. Unfortunately, once an infestation occurs, the regular do it your self-treatments become redundant and ineffective. Once flea or ticks gain access to your household it takes as little as 2 weeks for their eggs to grow to full-blown adults in their thousands, which is something that only an approved professional can fix with the application of a registered and approved insecticide which can eradicate the pests within hours.

    How do I Prepare My Home for a Tick and Flea Treatment?

    Step 1: Vacuum and clean all floors, rugs, carpets and anywhere your pet maybe sleeping
    Step 2: Clear out all floors, cupboards and wardrobes etc of any loose items or boxes.
    Step 3: Remove any pets or animals from the house before the treatment and don’t let them return for at least 3-4 hours after the treatment until everything is dry.
    Step 4: Treat your pet with a registered pet approved tick and flea treatment.
    Step 5: Clean and wash any of your pets bedding prior to the treatment.
    Step 6: Mow and water your lawns just prior to treatment.
    Step 7: Contact a Beaches Technician before your registered appointment to discuss any other issues or obstacles that may affect the treatment.

    Contact a Beaches Technician Today

    If you think your home is at risk, or you would like an inspection? Then please contact a friendly Beaches Pest Control technician today for some general advice or a no-obligation free quote.</sp>